Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas You Must Include In Your Home Plan


Plain walls are boring, aren’t they? What if I tell you, you can lighten up the walls by using some simple wall decor ideas in your home plan? You do not understand how drastically the appearance of your entire home can change by changing the walls of the home. Let’s be honest, everyone is curious about stuff that’s different for their eyes. It’s time to redecorate the walls and add some life to the walls of your house.

Include A Large Painting In Your Home Plan

The paintings never go out of style. But it is up to you what kind of painting you will stick to. There are plenty of not-so-amazing paintings available. But there is no point in purchasing a painting that doesn’t make people wonder “Where do you get that from?” Instead of going for a bunch of small paintings, go for a large and different one. Choose the right painting and then see your room speak for itself. Spending some bucks on the right thing is surely worth it. A large painting in a small room eventually arouses the curiosity of the visitor and make the room look bigger and better.

Hang Enough Mirrors

Yes, just hanging up a few mirrors on your walls can add up to the entire appearance. They will make a small house look bigger. Go for mirrors with a slightly different look. Vintage mirrors are best for any house and they add to the beauty of the house. If your entire house is designed in a modern style, adding some vintage mirrors might not be a bad idea. Why? Because nowadays it’s a trend to give a vintage taste to modern houses. Therefore, do not think about whether vintage mirrors look good. They surely do! 

Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas You Must Include In Your Home Plan
Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas You Must Include In Your Home Plan

Paint A Mural

As we all know, a mural is a painting or artwork that is directly executed on the walls. If you understand art, you can do it yourself. It will definitely take time, but it is worth it! You can give it a look that you prefer. If you are a book lover, then paint accordingly. What can be better than your walls speaking for you? If you love traveling or you are a nature enthusiast, you can think about painting beautiful landscapes. It all depends on your creativity and initiative to take charge and change the entire vibe of the room. 

Include An Accent Wall In Your Home Plan

An accent wall is a wall whose design differs from other walls in the room. There are various available paint techniques you can choose from. This is the best option for houses in a small area. It can be a unique shade than other walls. They look great in rooms with no doors and windows.

Floating Shelves

Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas You Must Include In Your Home Plan
Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas You Must Include In Your Home Plan

If your house lacks space for a giant bookshelf try installing floating shelves in the rooms. This will not only make the room more attractive but also help you in dealing with the storage issues.

These were some wall decor ideas you can consider incorporating in your home plan. Incorporating these ideas will instantly change the entire look of the house. Use these ideas to change the walls of your houses and make them ten times more attractive than they are.

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