Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan - An Ideal Home -

Two Storey House Design With Floor Plan – An Ideal Home

two storey house design with floor plan

For people who live in the country areas, two storey house design is one of the popular designs these days. Such design enables a spacious living space that can accommodate people sitting on the ground floor as well as on the second floor. The second floor is open plan, while the first floor has rooms that have huge windows with huge curtains or blinds. This enables the large area to give the feeling of an open space.

The first floor of a two storey house is generally used as the main living space. This is where the family members and visitors have their gatherings. There is an entry way from the first floor of the house through the front door. The kitchen, dining area, stairs and recreation area are some other common areas located on the first floor of a two storey house.

Should Have The Children’s Playthings

A bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room

The living room is the place that houses the children’s playthings. So it is highly recommended that the design of the house should have the children’s playthings located in this room. This will provide convenience to the parents when they want to bring their children for a fun time. Most of the parents prefer to have a large sitting room with a TV set in this room.

The bedroom is a place for relaxing after a tiring day. Many people prefer to have a large bedroom with a separate bath. In fact, many homes nowadays have a separate bedroom from the main storey.

You Entertain Guests And Friends

A desktop computer sitting on top of a desk

The living room is where you entertain guests and friends. Thus, it is highly recommended that the design of the house should have a large sitting room with an adjoining bedroom or media room. The two storey house design with an attic can be spacious enough for this purpose. Dining and recreation area can also be built adjacent to this area. You can select one or more storeys for these purposes. The kitchen and utility rooms can also be placed on the same level.

Next is the kitchen. It is recommended to create an open plan kitchen facing the living room. This will provide you with adequate ventilation and natural light. There should be ample storage space in the basement for additional food items, crockery, small appliances and refrigerators.

A Separate Comfortable Seating Area

Living room on the other hand has no specific purposes. But it is highly recommended to create a separate comfortable seating area. You can use this area to have cocktail parties or dinner sessions with your friends. The two storey house design with an attic can accommodate a guest room above the kitchen. This will provide an additional sleeping space for overnight guests.

If you are a well-experienced home builder then you will be familiar with the two-storey house plan. But if you are a novice home builder, then I would suggest that you start with a one storey house design. This will provide you with a simplified plan that will help you build a simple house.

Provides Ample Room For Recreation

There are many benefits that you will enjoy with the two storey house designs. First of all it provides ample room for recreation. You can set up a poolside area and grill some barbecue on summer evenings. Second, it also gives you enough living space to entertain family and friends during social gatherings. In case you have a large family, you can even convert this into a four-storey home for temporary purposes.

Before you begin to build your dream home, you will need to have a proper floor plan drawn up. A professional home designer or architect can help you draw up a two-storey house floor plan. They will help you to incorporate all the necessary details such as windows, doors, ventilation, plumbing etc. Planning out this plan well in advance will save you lots of time and money. You can also save yourself from the hassle of shopping for materials as well as fitting out the house with furniture before the construction work commences.


You will be amazed at the quality of materials that are available in most of the new high rise buildings these days. They are built of durable steel, concrete and glass. All these materials come at an affordable price when you buy from a supplier who deals specifically in two storey house designs and constructions. With the right planning in place for your dream home will be constructed in no time at all. Just give it some thought and get all the requisite construction materials well in advance. It will save you lots of time, money and hassle.

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