Top Interior Designing Trends Of 2021

There are so many interior design trends that come and go, it can be hard to keep up. But which ones will be the most popular in 2021? Here are some of the best interior designs that you can expect to see more of next year.

Natural materials

A close up of a tree

Natural materials have been on-trend for a few years now, and they show no signs of disappearing in 2021. Wood, stone, metal, and glass are all popular choices for natural materials, as they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They also help to connect the home with nature, which is becoming increasingly important to people.

Neutral colors

Water next to the window

Neutral colors have been popular for a long time now, and there are no signs that they’ll be disappearing soon. White, tan, gray, and off-white are all popular neutral colors for interior designs. They’re easy to match with one another and work well with other styles of design as well.


Geometrics – including triangles and hexagons – have been on-trend for many years now, but they still show few signs of going away soon. These shapes evoke feelings of energy and movement, so you’ll see them used a lot in designs that aim to create a lively feeling in the home. Also, expect to see more patterns made up of geometrical shapes next year.

Big furniture pieces

Furniture pieces with simple designs are making a comeback. Jewelry armoires, canopy beds, and dining tables are all on the rise again. They create clean lines that work well in many different design styles.

Earth tones

Earth tones will continue to be popular next year as designers turn more towards browns, tans, grays, and other natural colors for their interiors. These tones create an inviting atmosphere that lets people know they’re welcome there.


Another trend that’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon is minimalism – especially for interior designs. Clean lines, open spaces, and modern furniture pieces are all popular choices for minimalist interior designs these days. But it’s important to note that minimalism doesn’t have to be stark and uninviting – it can be warm and inviting as well.

Mixed materials

Mixed materials are another trend that’s been gaining popularity in recent years, and there’s no indication that it’ll slow down in 2021. Combining different materials – such as wood and metal, or stone and glass – can create an interesting and eye-catching look. It also helps to add some texture and visual interest to a space.

Nature-inspired designs

Nature is a huge inspiration for many people these days, so it’s no surprise that nature-inspired designs are becoming more popular. Using natural elements in your interior design – such as plants, wood, and stone – can help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It can also be a great way to connect with nature and bring some of its benefits into your home.


Pastels are making a comeback in 2021, and you’ll see them used in many different ways. Soft pink, blue, and green hues will be popular choices for walls, furniture, and other accessories. They provide a refreshing contrast to the more neutral colors that have been popular for a few years now.

Industrial style

The industrial style is still going strong, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be disappearing anytime soon. This style is all about using materials like metal, concrete, and brick to create industrial-looking designs that are both functional and visually striking. You’ll see it used for everything from flooring to furniture, lighting, and more.

Handcrafted pieces

People tend to place a lot of emphasis on handmade items these days – partly because they can feel like one-of-a-kind treasures. With the rise in popularity of craftsmen and craftswomen over the last few years, expect to see handcrafted pieces make an appearance in 2021 interior designs as well. They provide a personal touch while remaining stylish and modern.

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