Tips for Designing a Coastal House Interior -

Tips for Designing a Coastal House Interior

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Beach house interior designing ideas aren’t all that much different than the design of your usual abode, you could use in your own house. These styles typically feature neutral colors like white and turquoise seas, but the unique beach house interior design styles in your house may feature surfboards, seashells, and various other accessories that conjure up the beach. You could decorate your beach house in the same way you decorate any other room in your house. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put lots of bright tropical flowers and fauna in a cottage or ranch-style house with wooden accents.


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In terms of beach house interior design, the first thing you should consider is its location. If it’s in an area with lots of trees, then your beach house would probably look more authentic than if it’s in an out-of-the way place without any vegetation or trees. It’s fine if your beach house is located on a small piece of land, as long as the building is built up right and doesn’t block views of nearby trees or buildings. That said, don’t make the mistake of putting a modern coastal home in an area where there’s a lot of tree cover!

When choosing your coastal style, you’ll also want to choose accessories and accents to match the style. For example, if you live on the beach front, you should have photos of lighthouses or sea turtles on the walls and accents. The perfect touch is to incorporate sea shells into your beach house interior design, perhaps running them through the doorway or decorating them on the mantel or shelf. You could also use shells as wall decor or install a specimen cabinet with shells as the displays. Another accent could be bamboo accents; however, you need to remember that bamboo tends to grow slowly and may not be the best choice for a room with lots of movement and activity.

Turquoise Accents

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Turquoise accents are perfect for any room of the house; however, they’re especially perfect for beach house interior design. Turquoise comes in a variety of colors including red, orange, blue, green and yellow. If you want to create a coastal motif, choose turquoise accents in shades of aqua and marine green. Or, you could go with light fixtures in turquoise instead, such as lamps with turquoise trim.

To add light to the bedroom, light fixtures can be installed around the headboard or the bed. Consider a chandelier or a pendant light with blue accents, such as those from Tiffany & Co. Blue blues and violets would make a romantic backdrop for your bedroom. Smaller blue accents can be used throughout the room, such as through needlepoint curtains or rugs. In your bathroom, there are many options for lighting as well, so remember that smaller shades can make a big difference when it comes to bathrooms.

Summing Up

For example, you could create a beach-themed breakfast nook complete with a coffee table, wooden flooring, and wall accent decor featuring shells. The colors you choose for your coastal style breakfast nook need to be soft blue and green or turquoise and emerald. Add some seashells or starfish or clamshells to complete the look. If you like, you could also include cushions on the chairs. Use blue for the walls but not the curtains or towels for this look because it will be hard to distinguish your furniture from the sea.

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