The Most Elegant And Simple Kitchen Design Trends Of 2021

Kitchens are an integral part of the modern home, often serving as the family’s social hub for entertaining guests and enjoying meals together. As a result, high-end homeowners are increasingly looking for their kitchen spaces to have that perfect balance between style and function. This can be challenging at times given that kitchens tend to take up an entire room in the house, but certain contemporary designers have pulled off this design challenge with flying colors by creating remarkable modern yet simple kitchen designs that are chic, organized, and efficient.

Kitchen design trends for 2021

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is also an integral space for any household. Whether you prefer your kitchen to be elegant or simple, you must obtain the best design possible. The kitchen designs of 2021 allow for elegance and simplicity in one fantastic space.

Management of size:

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The trend of enormous kitchen spaces is not going to stop any time soon. This is mostly because the kitchens are required to accommodate more and more cooking and other tasks, such as socializing.

modern textures and materials:

Kitchens in 2021 consist of an ergonomic space that has a high level of natural light and ventilation and is easy to clean and maintain. Architects and designers will focus on designing a kitchen that is connected with its environment through hardware to create a seamless experience for the user.

focus on sustainability:

One of the main themes of this trend is the recycling and re-appropriation of materials for use in other parts of the house, such as appliances or cabinetry. Another important aspect of this movement is using kitchen furniture that requires less water and energy to make, as well as those whose production process results in fewer CO2 emissions.

storage innovation:

Kitchen designers usually face a lot of problems due to lack of space and storage and these problems can be solved by adding more cabinets and drawers, but it won’t help much if we keep on having the same traditional-looking cabinets and drawers. So simple kitchen design trends for 2021 focus on incorporating storage innovations like pull-out shelves, hidden pantries, etc.

Trends in modern kitchens

The modern kitchen design has been trending over the last few years. One of the most popular trends in this regard is an open concept kitchen, which provides a seamless flow from the kitchen to the other parts. The other popular trend is a family-centered kitchen. This type of design has become popular because it allows for space for everyone to gather and interact at any time while cooking or preparing food. The third trend that many people have been going for in recent years is a luxury-style kitchen with high-end materials and finishes.

In the following section, we will take a look at the most up-and-coming trends in designs for kitchens and bedrooms this year. Many homeowners use a similar yet simple kitchen design to make their house more valuable and worthier for reselling.

Kitchen color schemes:

According to Kitchen Colors Trends, the kitchen color schemes are going to be bolder this season as compared with last season’s neutral palettes. Warm colors like orange, yellow, red will dominate the scene while lush greens, blues, and purples would be used sparingly. You can opt to go all out with one or more of these warm hues or simply introduce them as accents here and there.

Styles of cabinets:

Rather than sticking to the standard kitchen cabinets, you can give your kitchen a more customized look with shaker-style cabinetry. These cabinet designs are available in many different styles, finishes, and colors to suit your exact needs.

Cabinet hardware:

Another trend that has caught on is the use of hardware for cabinets. There are hundreds of stunning cabinet pulls out there that will be great additions to your kitchen. Some other popular hardware options include pull-out baskets for your utensils or spices, corner wine racks for keeping glasses and bottles, etc.

Cupboard design:

It’s also time to say goodbye to plain old cupboards! High gloss finishes are all set to make way for textured surfaces like wood grain and metal mesh. This gives them a more contemporary look that would complement current trends in kitchen designs.

Kitchen islands with seating:

Another very popular trend in the modern kitchen is an island with seating for one or two people. These are perfect if you don’t have space for chairs within the actual kitchen area but still want to include them to increase convenience and functionality.

Open Shelving:

The next trend that has caught on like wildfire is open shelving. This means replacing your standard cabinetry doors with glass doors so that all your items become visible while adding more depth and elegance to your overall design scheme. With so many stylish options available today, you can easily get an open-shelved look without compromising on storage capacity.

Kitchen countertops:

Countertops are one of the first things that you see in a kitchen, and as such, they can greatly contribute to the look and feel of your entire home. This is why you need to choose them very carefully after keeping your specific needs and likes/dislikes in mind. Today there are so many options available for countertops that it becomes hard to decide which ones will work best for you. Popular choices these days include:

Laminates: These surfaces come pre-made with different finishes like wood grain, marble effect, stone effects, etc., or you can even go for custom design laminates if such designs appeal more to you. They’re quick and easy to install but require regular maintenance like re-sealing.

Engineered stone: These are also gaining in popularity because of the wide array of styles and finishes available. It’s made with a combination of natural stones like quartz, granite, marble, etc., which accounts for its durability and quality feel.

Solid surface: Solid surfaces are made up of high-grade materials like quartz or Corian that give them their smooth appearance but also make them more costly than other options available. However, solid surfaces offer infinite styling possibilities without any limits on colors or designs because you can easily modify these with special techniques like acid etching

How to make your kitchen look like a million bucks without spending much money

Kitchens are a place for cooking and preparing food. They also serve as an area to eat, entertain guests or simply relax. To save money on a kitchen renovation, it is important to be creative and know the kitchen basics.

A budget is needed when starting a new project in one’s house. However, there are ways to give your kitchen that million-dollar look without spending too much money. Simple changes can make all the difference! To start with, paint it! Painting your room will give it life and personality.

Lighting is also important to fix up your kitchen. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that perfect recipe because you cannot see what you are doing! Changing the lighting fixtures will not only upgrade the look of your kitchen but also make it more functional.

Refacing the cabinets is another great investment to improve the appearance of your kitchen. This will not only save you money but will also give your kitchen that modern look. If remodeling the cabinets is too much for you then why not just refinish them? You can do this by sanding and painting them in a fresh new color.

Other important things to focus on when revamping one’s kitchen are countertops, faucets, and backsplash. Although these three may seem like small details they have an enormous impact on how beautiful your room looks! Granite countertops, for example, add elegance while stainless steel enhances durability. In contrast with that, marble adds sophistication and class.

Faucets are important to upgrade, but which one should you choose? Two types of faucets are commonly used in the kitchen. Hose-based faucets or pull-out sprayer taps are installed on your sink for easy access when washing dishes. Picking the wrong type would be a huge mistake! This is because they determine how comfortable your cooking experience will be. If you cannot stand dirty dishes then stick with hose-based ones as they leave your hands free whenever needed.

The backsplash is another thing to focus on when designing one’s dream home. It comes in various materials such as glass, metal, and ceramic tiles. The most common choice for this area is tile since it brings symmetry to the room without a problem. This is a great way to give your kitchen that finishing touch!


Kitchens are a place that is meant for living and you deserve to have one that goes with your personality and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or have a big family, there will always be ways to save money but also enhance the looks of the room at the same time. The idea is not only to renovate it, but also make it functional for all occasions.

As far as design goes, do not limit yourself! Remember, kitchens can always be turned into something new so do not hesitate when thinking about what direction to take with yours! start with a simple kitchen design and If you need help then hire an interior designer or simply look through magazines and websites for ideas.

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