Steps To Create A Floorplan In Floorplanner


For those unfamiliar with Floorplanner, it’s easy to view it as an online floor planner or virtual room designer, but it’s so much more than that! Since its inception in 2012, the company has aimed to be the ultimate virtual design tool for interior designers, architects, and anyone else who needs to create floor plans. Since then, they have introduced many new features and functionalities, but there are still some people who aren’t aware of everything that Floorplanner has to offer.

Create Your Project

From here, you’ll need to create your project. You will need to enter in some information about your project name, etc., and choose whether you want an existing floor plan image attached. We recommend creating one without any image at first since it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong on your first attempt. Once you have finished entering all your information, hit Create Project! After clicking on Create Project, be sure to save what you have created by choosing File>Save As>Web Page Complete.

Start By Adding Floors

Engineering drawing

Adding floors is as easy as dragging and dropping from a menu. To add floors, you’ll first need to open Floorplanner and click on New floor located on your toolbar at the top of your screen. Once you’ve done that, you can select which type of flooring material or use the sample properties we provide. Then drag and drop your new floor onto your design canvas. That’s it!

Add Doors

Start by dragging and dropping furniture onto your canvas. Search for items by category, like furniture or outdoor. Personalize rooms with colors or other design elements or change room sizes with just a click. Now you can turn your floor plan into reality. Move easily between floors, work on multiple levels at once, and seamlessly work back and forth between design mode and shopping mode, so you don’t miss anything.

Place Furniture

One of the floor planner’s best features is its ease of use. The simple, straightforward interface makes it easy for even beginning users to learn how to use it. Once you have a general idea of where your rooms and furniture will go, click on them and place them on your plan. Use arrows and spin wheels to change orientation and add color if desired for added realism. You can also add items like rugs or lamps with ease; click on them from your Furniture Library tab.

Share Your Design

One of Floorplanner’s best features is how easy it is to share your design. You can view floorplans from around the world, or you can upload your own and see what others have created. Users have shared plans of all kinds—from office buildings and bars to living rooms and kitchens. There are almost a million user-generated floor plans on our site that you can view for inspiration or download as a starting point for your plan.

Summing Up

With Floorplanner, you’re able to make professional-looking floor plans within minutes. So, take your first step today. The possibilities are endless. Check out all of the resources, and don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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