Some Of The Best House Plan Design Program You Should Make Use Of

House Plan Design Program

How do you make house designs easy? You may be planning an extension, a new bathroom or kitchen to an existing house. Or, you may also want to renovate that new house you’re moving into. Trying to make the designs manually will take all your time and may not communicate well with viewers, thereby becoming ineffective.

You have to turn to one of the numerous design programs available, in the form of software, to make a design like a pro. These software help to bring your designs alive. They, however, should be easy to use, and affordable, if not free. We discuss some of the best house plan design program you should make use of.


A house with trees in the background

This is an ideal example of a perfect house design program. As comprehensive as SketchUp comes, it also is easy to use. Using this software gives you the immersive feeling of moving through the house you’re designing. Despite this feature, you still get the classic feeling of designing using pen and paper. No software brings your design ideas alive like SketchUp.

While the free version doesn’t contain the full features, it is perfect for hobbyists, who only design as a one-time stint, or as a hobby. The pro version, containing all features, is preferred by the pros in the field of interior design, architecture, construction, and more.


A close up of a piece of paper

Unlike other design software, Floorplanner gives you the luxury to either make your designs in 2D or 3D. What’s more, you get to do all these online without having to download the software on your computer. Like the name implies, the strength of this software lies in making floor plan designs.

However, you also get a pretty decent house plan decorating feature. You get to design the floor plan in 2D, then finish the other house plans in 3D. You don’t have to be a pro before making use of the software. It’s perfect for beginners.


Though mainly meant for floor planning, SmartDraw allows you the luxury to pay more attention to design details. It comes easy to learn and use, which is an advantage for beginners. The software offers you ready-made templates of furniture, cars, building materials, and floor plans. This makes it easy to utilise the limitless space for as many designs and layouts as you can manage.

However, the software comes free just for the first seven days. To make use of SmartDraw beyond the first seven days, you will have to pay to upgrade.

Planner 5D

This software also is immersive. You get the feeling of physically exploring the house as you design. You can either start from the basics, or use one of the ready-made templates, depending on your preference.

An advantage is that this software works with iOS, so you can make the designs on your phone or iPad.


House plan design programs are there to help you make the best designs, and also bring them alive. However, numerous of these software exist. We therefore discuss some of the best house plan design program you should make use of.

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