Small Bath Room Design Ideas You Should Not Miss!

Bathrooms are considered as one of the significant rooms in the house. Nothing disappoints us more than unorganized bathrooms. Bath room design is a crucial task that needs to be done properly. Today, we will discuss some design tips for small bathrooms you can consider using. If you are the one with a small bathroom, then you know the struggle of storage and convenience. What if I tell you that there is a way out and you can make your small bathrooms appear bigger and sort out the storage issues. Sounds great, right? Let’s begin then!

1. Wall-Mount Sinks

Do you want to free the flooring space? You can easily do it by using wall-mount sink. Wall-mount sink will be convenient to use and will not occupy the space on the floor. You will mostly find these sinks in contemporary bathrooms. They are accompanied with stainless steel bars which can hang towels.

Small Bath Room Design Ideas You Should Not Miss!
Small Bath Room Design Ideas You Should Not Miss!

2. Use Shower Curtains (Bath Room Design)

Shower curtains moves back and forth instead of in and out. They occupy less space and are perfect for small bathrooms.

3. Floating Vanity

Wall-mount vanity will help with the storage issues and is usually preferred in contemporary bathrooms. Just because your bathroom is small you don’t have to compromise with the storage.

4. Consider Extending Counter (Bath Room Design)

You can extend the counter over the toilet using wooden slabs for the purpose. You can use this slab for keeping required items. This will give a clean look and can be used for various purposes.

5. Small Bathroom Vanity

While choosing bathroom vanity, make sure you choose the smallest one available. In small bathrooms huge vanity will occupy unnecessary space and you will end up getting a congested bathroom. Nothing is more unattractive than that.

6. Diagonal Floor Tiles

Fixing the tiles of the floor diagonally will create an illusion of the larger space. If you have a small bathroom, then this idea is best to give it an appearance of the larger bathroom.

7. Consider Using Hooks Rather Than Racks

Racks will lead to unnecessary space issues. You can use hooks to hang toilets and other clothing. This is one of the best ways to save some space.

8. Fix Big Tiles (Bath Room Design)

Big tiles in small bathrooms always look best in small bathrooms.

9. Use Maximum Two Different Colors

Small bathrooms look best in either or two colors. Using more than that will make the bathroom look tacky and no one wants that, right?

10. Add Artwork To The Bath Room Design

Adding an artwork on the wall can lead to a huge difference. Consider hanging a beautiful painting on the walls. But do not overdo and add too much paintings and other stuff.

Small Bath Room Design Ideas You Should Not Miss!
Small Bath Room Design Ideas You Should Not Miss!

11. Bright Lightening

Bright lights can make a bathroom appear bigger than it already is. As we all know, well lit space always appears larger and better. Who would want to enter a space will dull lighting arrangements? Go for wall mount fixtures.

The bottom line is that you can make a small space look bigger and better if you put in some efforts. There were some tips you can use to design a small bathroom in a better manner. The size doesn’t matter but the way you design it makes the difference. There are so many big bathrooms that are so poorly designed and unorganized. Therefore, more than the size, focus on the room design. Make the modifications and redesign your bathrooms.

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