Living Room Designs Idea For Small Apartments

Living Room Designs

Smaller apartments have smaller living rooms, and it is the place where you spend most of your time. So, arranging everything you need in the room like a couch, sofa, chair or even television will make it look clumsy. So, here in this article, we will discuss ideas for living room designs especially if your apartment offers limited space. There are a few common mistakes that people make is add a lot of colors and furniture or assets which turns the room smaller than what it is. It doesn’t mean you have fewer options, art always finds its way to you. There are so many cool themes you can opt to give your living room a spacious and aesthetic look.

How To Decorate Living Room With Designs?

Consider keeping the white as the wall color for your living room if you want to add versatile assets to it. The color white is a peaceful and calming color although it might appear dull. Once you embrace it, you can throw in rustic furniture to make your room look bigger. You must add big mirrors to the wall which will give you a larger perspective of the room. If you want to add plants to your living room, consider vertical gardens and a plant or two in the corners of the room. On the side, you decide to hang the mirror, add texture to that wall so that it can stand out. This is your time to add pop colors if you want. You need to choose the right curtains for the living room.

Best Living Room Designs
Best Living Room Designs

Play With Your Angles 

It may sound weird but coordinated odd angles create a new design with furniture. Also, buy furniture with storage so that a lot of mess is not lying without any use. If your living room design is out of shape, then it is best to turn the weird side as your focal point. Pile that up with paintings, photo frames, or if you enjoy reading books, add a bookshelf to it. You can bring in natural colors to your living room designs by adding small hanging flowerpots to the room. 

Living Room Designs – Furniture

This can take several shopping days but do get a sofa that goes with your small or narrow living room. You can opt for loveseat couches since you don’t want to fill up space with large sofas. Whether you are living alone or with a flatmate or even with your partner, this can fit in your life. Go for a simple yet well-lit lamp to set up and make your living room spacious yet cozy. Also, you can opt for ottomans for your living room, with a soft plush added to it. Buy your furniture with storage to save extra space in your apartment.

Living Room Designs Guide
Living Room Designs Guide


Don’t go for any furniture close to the ground rather exposed legs which will open your space. Sometimes the living and dining room come in one place, in such case merge your dining area. Follow the contrasting colors of your sofa or wall to keep everything coordinated. 

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