Interior Design Concepts for Ranch Houses - Interior Design Concepts for Ranch Houses -

Interior Design Concepts for Ranch Houses

ranch house interior design

Interior design for a ranch house may seem like an oxymoron. Why would anyone want to decorate a rustic and homey abode with sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics? The answer is simple: It suits the people. Contrary to popular belief, people who choose to decorate a home in a style that is based on classic design principles have a personal aesthetic taste that is as individualistic as wine. While some people may pay attention to the details when it comes to their living room or den, many choose to let their ranch house interior design evolve and meander its way through design without any preconceived notions.

An Overview

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A good example of a ranch house interior design is the one-of-a-kind log home built by Thomas Lee in 1960. The innovative log homes were designed to maximize natural light by using stone arches and courtyards on the interior and roof of the house. A minimalist approach was taken with this type of design, giving each room an air of natural serenity. One can say that it captures the essence of the ranch style. The rustic feel of this particular design has inspired many people to use similar designs in their own homes.

A more recent variation of the log cabin design is the tilting roof design. A roof that cantilevers at various angles is supported by a series of poles set upon a concrete foundation. Because it cantilevers, it allows the owner to change the look of the house every day. During daylight hours, a distinctive cedar roof complements the rustic interior and allows you to enjoy the cool shade during the hot afternoon. At night, a distinctive glow makes the house come alive with a warm glow.

Ranch House Interior Design Concepts

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In the realm of modern ranch house interior design, a new concept has been developed. This design concept allows rooms to be designed as an individual unit. Instead of having one main room, each unit is designed around a central area with the master bedroom being the largest. Other units are fitted around the home according to individual needs.

One more innovative interior design concept has been developed that incorporates the functionality of an outside kitchen. This concept works especially well for families or people who have pets. The kitchen can be located in an outbuilding such as a gazebo. Not only does the kitchen function as a convenient place to cook and prepare food, it can also be used as an area for entertaining guests.

One more very interesting interior design concept that is becoming popular is the combination of modern elements with traditional ranch styles. Many homeowners are choosing to combine the interior of their home with the exterior of it. An excellent way to achieve this is through the use of two-way glass wall panels. These panels are installed between the house and the garage, providing an excellent view of the outdoors.

Many homeowners are also choosing to design their houses on their own using the interior design concept of the ranch house. One can choose to design the interior of the home from scratch, using the ranch style and design ideas. Alternatively, the homeowner may want to use pre-made designs from other homes in the neighborhood. If the budget is strict, a simple pre-built model home can be purchased and remodeled into the desired ranch style.

In The End

Once the house has been designed, it is essential to find and hire an interior designer. The designer will need to understand the lifestyle of the client before starting on the project. He or she should spend time looking at the possible design ideas and selecting a few that appeal to the client. Once the plans have been finalized, the house can then be constructed. The finished result is sure to be a truly magnificent addition to the landscape.

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