How To Become A 3D Home Designer

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3D Home Designing is the process of designing a house in 3 dimensions. This includes visualizing its floor plans, elevations, and architectural details. This article will let you know how to become a 3D home designer.

Home Designing Softwares

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This is done using software that allows users to manipulate the design with their mouse or touchscreen. The design can be viewed from any angle and different perspectives such as bird’s eye view and front view. The views are created by taking photographs from various angles around the building site and then importing them into a computer program that stitches these together automatically. These photos are known as “photomontages” or “photo-stitches”.

Some programs allow you to take your own photos rather than using pre-existing ones too, so it’s important that you have a camera with you, or use the one on your mobile phone. The more photomontages taken by the user, the easier it is for them to create a realistic view of their design.

3D Home designing is usually done using computer-aided design (CAD) software. These are used by architects and engineers which makes this skill extremely marketable in today’s job market as CAD professionals command high salaries and have available positions.

In addition to being able to work from home doing 3D home designs, you will also be able to submit your designs online to a company that does CAD services for people who do not have access or time to use CAD programs themselves. You can find out more about these companies at the end of this article.

What do you need to know in order to become a 3D home designer?

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Skills needed

In order to become a 3D home designer, you will need to be proficient in using CAD software. This can be learned relatively easily by taking some online or local classes. However, there are other skills that you will need as well.

You must be able to visualize how the house will look from different angles and have good artistic skills for being able to create pleasing designs. In addition, you must be able to work with clients, understand their needs and wants, and be able to communicate with them effectively. It is also important that you are patient and have good problem-solving skills.

What are the entry-level salaries?

Entry-level, this can be achieved by taking an associate degree in architecture or design technology. CAD technicians also start out around this level with experience being able to take you higher. Entry-level salaries for CAD technicians are around $30k-$40k per year while architects can typically expect to make between $45k -$54k depending on their area of expertise and location. These figures do not include bonuses which can increase these significantly.

What is the salary range after some years of experience?

With 3D home designing your earning potential is unlimited as long as you keep learning new things, building relationships with clients, and gaining experience. Salaries depend on what kind of CAD design you are doing. Furniture designers, for example, may only make about $50k per year while architects can make much more depending on the size and scope of the project.

Can I do this from home?

Yes! You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. All you need is some CAD software, a camera to take photos, and some clients who need your services.


In conclusion, if you want to become a 3D home designer and save money on building materials, look no further than your computer. With the plethora of tools at our disposal such as Google SketchUp Pro or AutoCAD 360 for example, we can all be architects with just a little bit of training. There are so many benefits to designing in 3D that it’s hard not to see why this is becoming more popular each day.

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