house design - tips and tricks for a modern house design house design - tips and tricks for a modern house design

House Design To Choose

House Design To Choose

Pretty house design is everyone’s dream. People spend fortunes in designing their houses as for most of them, it is a one-time investment. A house is a place where one spends the majority of their time. They want it to be the best in terms of design, looks, and comfort. If you are looking for the best modern house design, then we have a few tips you can consider.

House Design To Choose
House Design To Choose

Tips On A Modern House Design


A modern house typically has a very functional design. Each aspect has minimalism and technology. You can find a lot of steel, glass, and concrete on the walls and surfaces. The look is streamlined and smooth.


A function is the most important factor while choosing a modern design. Ensure that the design works according to your profession, taste, and lifestyle. For example, a house with a small kitchen might not be convenient for a large family and might be perfect for a bachelor.


This is based on personal preference. But, a modern house design typically has more subtle shades and are accessorized bright. Modern houses may also have neutral colors with bold accents. Mostly, pastel colors are not chosen in modern house design. Commonly used shades include ivory, silver, mocha, cherry red, black, brown, cobalt blue, slate, and white.


Good illumination is an important part of a good modern house. The light fittings are also more glass and minimalistic. You may find a lot of wall lamps, lights with dimmers and spotlights in modern houses.

House Design To Choose
House Design To Choose


Clean lines, solids, stripes, geometric patterns, and abstracts are commonly used in modern houses. Very few decorative pieces may have florals or animal prints. Ruffles and laces are also rarely found in modern house design as it is very contradictory to the contemporary concept.


Generally, contemporary houses have glass windows with aluminum frames or wooden frames. Wide windows are more common as they allow more natural light inside the house.

Storage Spaces

There is ample storage space in modern house design and most of these spaces are unique and out-of-the-box. Contemporary houses ensure that there is enough storage so that everything is kept inside. Modern houses have hanging cabinets, wall cupboards, and shelves.


These houses also have a lot of open spaces. There are no crowded areas. You can also find high ceilings. Minimal furniture is used and there is plenty of walking space. Very few decorative pieces are kept.


Use wall art, paintings, wall clocks, vases or other decorative artifacts in such a way that they blend with the décor. They should have clean lines and should be contemporary too. Use sleek and modern statement pieces to enhance the décor look. Do not use artifacts in varied colors contradicting with the décor plan.

All these tips are characteristic of a modern house. With the tips above, it is easy to design your own house in a contemporary way.

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