Home Interior Decor Tips For Tuscan Decor

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Cute, distressed, aged wood is used extensively in Tuscan design to evoke the warm, rustic beauty of bygone days. Elegant furniture such as marble tops and marble columns are common features, giving your home an air of sophistication and a welcoming feel.

In addition to using heavy, dark woods for the floor and wall coverings, you will also find Tuscan elements incorporated into your accessories, from candle holders to dish racks. The warm colors of reds, oranges and yellows that you will find throughout the home help make home decor inspired by the region. Lighter colors, such as yellow and blue, are softened with darker hues, giving the home a very homey charm. Tuscan home interior decor helps you get away from your stressful daily life and gives you a relaxing, comfortable place to come home to.

Welcoming Feel

A large tiled shower curtain

You may be surprised at the many different accessories that can be used to give your home that welcoming feel. Using accessories, table linens and candles can help create the look and feel you want to portray. If you have just purchased a home, consider sprucing it up by adding wall decor, window coverings and home accents to complete your unique look.

Bold and bright wall art is very popular in Tuscan decor, especially in the foyer, where visitors are likely to walk straight past your colorful display. Faux leather pieces with wrought iron accents or hand crafted objects made from ceramic and terracotta are ideal wall decor choices. Bright, uplifting colors such as yellow and maroon are common design accents for the walls.

The Use Of Mirrors

Another popular type of Tuscan home decor focuses on the use of mirrors. Large, clear mirrors placed throughout the home will reflect light in a very inviting way. Adding uplifting pictures or paintings on the walls is also a great way to emphasize your home’s interior. Realistically colored pictures or depictions of landscapes are particularly effective, especially in the foyer area.

Dishware such as copper or glass bowls can be very impressive in Tuscan decor. Plated pots and pans add a sense of formality to any space. If you have the space, it is always fun and useful to have a full countertop of items for use in the kitchen. Tall and slender porcelain or copper dishes help set the scene for a Tuscan home kitchen.

Warm And Inviting

Home interior accessories can really make a difference when it comes to making your home look warm and inviting. Think about the color scheme you have used throughout your home and then think about adding in unique home decor touches. Iron candle holders and iron wall decor are very popular in Tuscan decor.

A lot of people opt for wrought iron furniture and dishes for their home because of how it exudes a sense of sophistication and class. Bright orange wall decorations are also a favorite of many people who want to add some bright pop of color to their home. Wrought iron candle holders add a sense of lightness to a room, while large, brightly colored Italian baskets or dishes on the floor add interest to any room.


When it comes to accessories, people also love to use up-to-date pieces that show a bit of vintage style. Faucets for the sink and faucets for the shower are especially popular among those who like to use vintage style home decors. These types of vintage accessories can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. People also like to use decorative pillows with Tuscan decor. Look for pillows with a bold and beautiful pattern. It is not uncommon to see throw pillows that have a mixture of red, black, white, and cream or any other combination of colors.

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