Guest Rooms – Planning For A Great Room

Guest Rooms - Planning For A Great Room

Guest rooms in your house should be specially decorated keeping in mind the comfort of your guests. These rooms should not have a very hotel-like look as it is your own house after all. You should try and keep a personal touch in the décor and also ensure that all the comforts of the guests are looked into. The lavishness of the room depends upon your budget, but there are a few crucial factors you must keep in mind while planning for a great room.

Guest Rooms - Planning For A Great Room
Guest Rooms – Planning For A Great Room

Guest Rooms House Design

  • If given a choice, keep your guest room in the house a little away from the main rooms like your bedroom and the children’s rooms. This gives your family privacy and your guest’s comfort and ease.
  • Choose a wise color combination for the room so that the atmosphere is appealing and pleasant.
  • If the guest room opens to a balcony, try placing some indoor plants to add a nice green look to the balcony.
Guest Rooms - Planning For A Great Room
Guest Rooms – Planning For A Great Room

Guest Rooms Interior Design and Some Other Basics

  • A guest room design should be simple and yet stylish. Plan the furniture in such a way that you can place the television and other basic necessities on the TV cabinet.
  • Keep all the basic essentials like toiletries, towels, water, etc. in the room so that your guests do not feel awkward to ask for these.
  • You can also leave a card in the room explaining how to switch on the geyser, telephone extensions, and a few other basic instructions.
  • While planning the furniture and the electricity boards, ensure that you do give a side table at the side of the bed with a plug point to charge one’s phone.
  • Give some extra plug points to charge other devices too.
  • It is always better to have a bed with storage wherein you can store the extra quilts and bedsheets of your guest rooms.

Know More

  • Plan the room well enough to contain all its necessities inside and that you don’t have to keep running and getting the essentials for your guests all the time.
  • The curtains should be dark so that your guests can enjoy a full black-out, in case they want to sleep in the afternoons.
  • Always keep space for a vase with fresh flowers as this brings about freshness and vibrancy in the room.
  • Keep carpets absolutely clean and vacuumed. If you feel that it would be a constant task to clean carpets, then it is better to avoid them completely than having dirty carpets.
  • Ensure that the geyser, television and air-condition are working very well so that you do not have to make your guests uncomfortable.

Planning for great guest rooms requires foresight, knowledge, and experience. The planning needs not to go above your budget as you can have great rooms in limited expenses too. First, chalk our budget and then list out your priorities while planning the new construction or makeover of guest rooms.

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