Stunning Buddha Figurine And Statue To Shop For

A buddha figurine is said to bring happiness and prosperity to homes and offices. Since time immemorial man has followed certain housing tips from Fengshui to bring about peace and prosperity at home. Fengshui is a Chinese science of happiness and well-being. Fengshui has garnered popularity all over the world for its capability in bringing good luck. The most popular Fengshui artifact is the buddha figurine which according to Chinese Legend brings about peace, prosperity, wisdom, and happiness on the home grounds.

Why Should You Invest In A Buddha Figurine?

Very Reasonable and Pretty

These statues and figurines along with being beautiful are also very reasonable. One can easily buy them from online e-commerce sites and use them for decoration or gifting. Being reasonable enables these to be purchased frequently and also in more quantities. In spite of being reasonable, these products do not compromise on the quality factor. The design is traditional and is done with expertise. Buying décor items encourage craftsmen to continue with their legacy. The Buddha statues will look elegant at the foyer or your entrance.


These home décor items are now easily available on our eCommerce site. We source these figurines and statues from local vendors at a very reasonable price. This way, you are saved from paying hefty sums to middlemen and can actually source it very reasonably. You can also gift these items to your near and dear ones from the online portal itself. The bright colors will enhance your home décor. We offer fast shipping and easy payment options. Our website displays all the home decor artifacts beautifully in HD clear images and you can also source all their information online.

Here, we have chosen two very pretty buddha figurines from our online platform. We have also a pretty Tibetian singing bowl. Master artisans have handcrafted these figurines and sculptures and have a very soothing effect on your homes and yourself. You can shop for these products online and avail quick door deliveries. So, grab your products now!

Shop These Products Online

2 Pieces Resin Buddha Figurine

This Buddha figurine is perfect for home decor and is the best item to give as a birthday gift or as a souvenir. It is a handmade carving that has a Sepia effect. You can get this one in white, beige, silver or gold. This resin figurine features dimensions of 21 x 8 cm. You get two pieces of resin buddha figurine in one package.

Sandstone Meditation Buddha Statue

A Thai artist used a solid block of stone to carve this Buddha. He then chiseled and decorated it. Decorate your office table or center table at home to bring a peaceful ambiance to any space. This one is a great gift idea to your Buddhist friends or Buddha collectors. The is a sandstone statue and measures 6.5 x 5.5 x 9 cm.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Now you can create beautiful, peaceful and calming sounds with this Tibetian bowl. Share the amazing benefits of increased peace and harmony to your friends and family. The little size fits in your palm and portable and can be used during travel. It looks great on your desk or shelf and adds a fun and harmonious flavor to your decor. So hurry up and grab this one now!

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