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EPLANS was developed to allow home buyers and home owners to build houses in a manner that is pleasing to their taste in terms of design, architecture, floor plans and neighbourhood style. The term EPLANDS actually stands for the “end plan, beginning planning and neighbourhood plan”. The term actually originated from the Toronto area where the planners wanted to create a set of house plans that were aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It also took into consideration various architectural styles like Colonial, Craftsman and the Mediterranean to name a few. With this in mind, the project was divided into five stages which were: Finding the Right Plan, Developing the Project, Getting the Construction Contractor, Final Preparation and the Present day Home.


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There are a number of different factors that contribute to the popularity of EPLANS. One is that it allows people to get the kind of house plan that they want at the kind of price that they want. Another is that there are a number of different architectural styles like Cottage, Georgian, Country House, Tudor and Victorian. In addition, there are a variety of floor plans including Townhouse, Condominium, Terrace, Villa and so on.

2.Target Audience

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When it comes to the design of the house plans and the construction of the houses they form, there are various factors that come into play. For one, it is important to determine what the target audience is for EPLans. For those who are looking to sell their homes, EPLans have certain features that attract buyers. For those who are looking to build their own homes, they look for different floor plans. In addition, for those who are looking to find affordable EPLans, they go for the modular house plans that make building one easier and less costly.

3.User Centric

The Electronic Plan Review Process for EPLans was created to help the users in determining whether or not EPLans are suitable to buy. Basically, this means that the prospective buyers can look through the electronic plan of the house plans before they go ahead with the purchase. The Electronic Plan Review Process is available in various forms. For buyers, there are eplans user guide and the brochure. For builders, they have an eplans manual and an eplans developer.

4.Other Options

For the buyers and the applicants, they can also look through the various house plans that the builder has put up on the Internet. This is because the Electronic Plan Review Process has been created to help the buyers and the applicants to determine whether or not the particular plans provided by the company are the best ones for them. For the applicants, one thing that they should remember is that they will need to enter their personal data and their financial data so that the Electronic Plan Review Process can be conducted more efficiently.


After the electronic plan review process is conducted, they can go ahead and submit their plans to the company. The applicant user guide contains the necessary information that the buyer will need in submitting the application. It also contains the information that the planner or the consultant will need to create the house design. The house design is what the clients will use in implementing their plans.

Wrapping Up

There is actually no limit as to how many times you can submit your plans. You only need to be able to login once and then submit the electronic plan review for your number of plans that you have already acquired. The Electronic Plan Review Process is designed to help the clients to save money on construction cost. However, before you go ahead and register with the company, it is important that you know a little more about eLoan and ePlan.

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