Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art

Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art

Decorating the walls is a tricky task but nothing gives the house a dull appearance more than blank walls. There are various artworks available in the market to choose from. Before making any decision make sure you read this article. The dos and don’ts of wall decoration will prevent you from wasting time, efforts and money. Choosing the right art and using the proper method of decoration is a significant task.

Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art
Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art

Dos (Wall Art)

Collage Of Photos

This one never goes out of style. Show some creativity and decorate your walls using your favorite pictures. This will instantly improve the entire look of the room. Moreover, you will feel happy every time you look at the walls.

Occupy Every Room With Art

Do not miss out on any room. Decorate all the rooms including the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Furthermore, select the art according to the style of the room.

Use Hooks

Instead of nails and screws, consider using hooks to hang pictures. Hooks can handle enough weight and does not end up messing the area. Use more than one hook to maintain the level.

Hang Similar Pieces Together

Hanging similar pieces together will help you in maintaining a proper symmetry and you will end up getting the look you want.

Visualize The Wall

Visualize the wall in your head before decorating it. If it looks good in your head then chances are it will look great in real.

Unique And Attractive

Purchase items that are unique from the ones you already have. This does not mean spending a lot of money on artwork. You can get attractive pieces in a few bucks as well. Make sure you purchase the art you genuinely like.

Don’ts (Wall Art)

Expensive Items

Spending a lot of money on art is not necessary. You can go for affordable and unique pieces. Moreover, if you are creative you can easily do it yourself at home by using some simple tools. No matter how small a piece is, if it improves the overall look, go for it!

Ignoring The Height

Wherever you place the artwork make sure it is clearly and easily visible. Hanging it too high or at places, it is barely visible will not make any sense. If you want people to appreciate you for the choice of art, you need to make it visible.

Tiny Pieces On A Big Wall (Wall Art)

This is often done by people. Either purchase the pieces according to the size of the wall or place the small pieces in a frame before hanging them on the wall. Hanging tiny ones will spoil the look of the room and if it is precious its beauty will be ignored just because it is placed wrongly. Therefore, avoid this mistake at all costs.

Similar Sizes Together

Do not decorate the walls by placing similar sizes together. A combination of small and big pieces will enhance the look of the walls. Therefore, avoid placing small ones or large ones together.

Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art
Dos And Don’ts For Decorating The Walls With Art

Too Much Distance (Wall Art)

Approximately 2 inches of distance between the pieces is enough. Do not hang them far away from each other.

These were some dos and don’ts you must consider before wall decoration. Art is beauty and you need to bless your walls with this beauty. Go ahead and purchase the pieces that can add a magical look to the dull walls.

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