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Different House Design Ideas for a Sloping Site

steep slope house design ideas

For a new home or a house that you want to rehabilitate, steep slope house designs are ideal. These can be easily made for residential homes, farmhouses, vacation homes, cabins, and cottages. All you need are some good blueprints, a bit of your time, and some free time to search and explore your options. Here are some of the things to take into consideration:

Steep Slope House Design Ideas

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The first thing to consider is the architecture of your home. Choose a steep slope house design idea that makes use of a sloping landscape design that will complement the natural topography of your location. It is important not to copy any existing structures that exist in your area; instead, consult them for their design ideas so as not to disrupt their functionality. A good blueprint can also guide you on the right path in creating the perfect home for you.

Choose a steep slope house design idea that makes use of the best materials for your project. A house plan that uses stonework may not fit your budget. Solid concrete is a better choice since it is easier to build with. Concrete slabs have a flat bottom that makes them easy to build on, but they are usually expensive and do not provide flexibility as wooden slabs do. When concrete is your only choice, be sure to build it in an area where its drainage is good to avoid future problems with the water drainage.

Modern Steep Slope House Design Ideas

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Modern steep slope house design ideas are becoming more popular, especially in the current building boom. These houses are built with a flat roof that slopes gradually towards the middle of the house. Flat roofs are easier to construct than sloped ones, which also make for more efficient energy usage. When considering steep slope house design ideas, make sure the home will be insulated well. This will make the house more eco-friendly as heating, and cooling costs will be reduced.

It is better to choose a design that can be easily modified or added to. The steep slope house designs in the Philippines that are currently popular are those that have easy access to fresh groundwater. In areas where agriculture is important, homeowners can build a livestock barn or even a greenhouse to raise tropical crops. You can also include features such as a man-made pond in your home if you prefer a green environment at the back. Aside from these, you can choose from a variety of other options.

Things To Consider

When choosing among the various steep hillside slope house plans in the Philippines, you need to consider factors such as location. If you live in an area that does not get too much rainfall, then you can consider a house that is located on a previous high area of land. This type of house design would allow for enough space for you and your family to move around. You can build a one, two, or three-story house on a property with a previous high area. This is better suited for people who are looking for a modern house that can serve as a refuge during harsh weather conditions.

For those who live in an area with more precipitation, the western slope of the Philippines has different house design ideas. Most homeowners in the western slope area in the Philippines go for a one-story house. This is due to the fact that houses built on slopes can be more difficult to maintain. A house that is built on the western slope of a park would have to consist of multiple levels. A one-story house built on a sloping site will be easier to maintain and will also be able to accommodate more household members.

Bottom Line

These are some of the house design ideas that are applicable to a number of people. All these are dependent on the location that you live in and the kind of house you want to build. There is plenty more slope of house menu ideas when it comes to different locations and different constructions. Some of the popular slopes of the house menu are as per Vastu, perisalog, Pampanga, and park slope. The popular build sites of these sloped hilly areas are Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, Manila, Bacolodong, North Baguio City, Makati, Davao City, and Bacolodong.

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