Different Career Options After You Have Your Interior Design Degree

interior design programs

Interior design programs can provide you with an exciting career that combines your love of art and interior design. The table below compares the median salary of graduating Graduates of various Interior Design Programs around the nation. Remember that this information is from a recent report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers(N ACE). The salary data is based upon a national average, unless stated otherwise. This would be difficult to do from state to state, since there may be variations in cost of living and job placement for each state.

Bachelor’s Degree Specializing

NACE also includes information about the degrees earned in each program as well as what sort of training and credentials these degree holders have received. For example, an interior designer must have a Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Interior Design. A Master Degree is required as well as an apprenticeship in a building or facility of their choosing. An apprenticeship could also be related to the master’s studies in that it would give the student experience in working with others who are also learning the craft of interior design. Many interior design programs also include internship training as well as related coursework.

It’s important to understand that the term “interior designer” can refer to more than just architects and designers. In fact, many interior designers are also painters and decorators. In addition to becoming an interior designer, some become an environment designer. These professionals often focus on planning and designing buildings or facilities and oversee related professions such as maintenance, finances and other aspects of day-to-day operations.

Online Program

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In addition to the typical degree program, there are a number of other options available when choosing an interior design program. An online program will allow you to complete your studies at home. This is beneficial for the student who works a full-time job or has children. Since you can take classes on your computer, you will not miss out on any lectures or assignments, which is important for students who are juggling a hectic life. Online interior design programs are affordable and allow you to get your education within the time frame that is right for you.

Educational Opportunities

An interior design graduate program offers more specialized educational opportunities. There are more specific degrees than just the normal degree program, including an ASID, BSEE, MSID and EIT. All of these require a certain amount of course work in all the required areas. Students must be able to complete course work in communications, interior architecture, interior design, indoor/outdoor room planning and design, environmental psychology, historic preservation. Some students go on to pursue graduate degrees in business, management, interiors, real estate and the science of building construction.

Last Words

An interior design graduate program allows you to complete your education while working full-time in your chosen field. You have many flexible options once you have your degree. You may choose to be an architect, a landscape gardener, a construction worker or a building inspector. If you’re interested in being a teacher in a teaching facility, you can teach college level classes. With your master’s degree in interior design, you will be qualified to work in any administrative position in the interior design field.

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