Check Out The Study Room Design Here -

Check Out The Study Room Design Here

A room with a book shelf


Color has a significant influence on emotion and mood. A study room always needs colors that emphasize calmness, emotions, provides motivation and increases concentration levels.

A chair sitting in front of a mirror
  • BLUE: It is best used for its calming and soothing nature. It can be used with furniture with different color tints to add overstimulating effects to the room.
  • GREEN: This is a relaxing color that provides freshness and a natural feel to the room. There are many different shades of which are used to define the room. It gives all the feel of reading. This color can be best paired with wood look furniture, plants, etc.
  • YELLOW: It is a bright color with ease of comfort, calmness, and happiness. It also holds the attention of learners and can be more creative to play with the furniture providing a spacious look to the room. 
  • PURPLE: This is an energetic color. It reduces the stress of work. It is mostly used by workaholic people for their workspace. This color also connects with our brain and helps improve our thinking ability.
  • BROWN:This gives the room an aesthetic look. Brown has a wide range of different colors and textures. This color can be firmly paired with monochrome-colored furniture. This color also provides a vintage look to the room.
  • FLOORING: A workspace or study area needs to be very composed and professional. So, nice flooring gives a new life to the study room.
  • TIMBER: This gives a proper wood structure look to the room. This is very durable and long-lasting.
  • LAMINATED FLOORING: A laminated flooring gives a proper natural look to the floor at an affordable cost. They require proper maintenance.
  • VINYL: This can be supplied in rolls or tiles. This is more like laminated flooring. This is easy to maintain, easy to install, and affordable.
  • BAMBOO: Bamboo is a better option as an alternative to timber. It is renewable and water-resistant
  • CERAMIC TILES: This flooring is the most famous type of flooring used by people all over the world. It has a vast range of colors, designs, shapes, and textures.
  • DESKS: A study room needs a proper storage facility to make it look spacious and organized. There are many types of desks used in a study room:
  • WRITING DESKS: There are minimal storage desks. It is best suited for keeping a laptop or for writing purposes.
  • EXECUTIVE DESKS: This is a large piece of storage furniture. It includes all the areas for keeping useful stuff and considers a wide variety of styles.
  • CORNER DESK: This type of desk is mainly used for small rooms. It is triangular L- shaped furniture usually used in office work
  • FLOATING DESKS: This is the trendiest style desk. These desks are used for

utilizing wall space accurately. This is mounted on top of walls taking advantage of the vertical frame.


A desk with a computer and a chair in a room

Designing your study room in the best way is a dream come true. The above-mentioned ideas area point to consider before investing in the styling of the study room.

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