Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It

Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It

Having an idea about the paint can have a massive impact on the choice of paint. Acrylic paint is preferred as the requirements are less than that of oil paint. All that you need is a brush, water, paint, and the surface to get started. Let’s move ahead and know about some of the pros and cons of using it.

Pros Of Using Acrylic Paint

It Can Be Diluted Using water

Acrylic paints are water-based due to which dilution is possible. Moreover, they can easily be cleaned using soap and brush. For thinning or cleaning acrylic paints no harsh chemicals are needed.

Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It
Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It

No Toxic Substances

Outline Acrylic paints are non-toxic due to which they are harmless even if they come in contact with our skin. Toxic paints can lead to skin irritation and various other skin diseases. Moreover, if the paint is disposed of, no harm will be caused to the land and water. Though such paints are toxin-free, you must take care while disposing of paints in order to protect the wildlife from any harm.

Acrylic Paint Dries Much Faster

The drying time taken by acrylic paints is comparatively less. Moreover, acrylics look similar to oil paints. When artists have to meet a deadline they generally use acrylic paint as a substitute for oil paint due to this property. Who doesn’t want a similar look in a shorter span of time?

Versatility Of Acrylic Paint

You can either give it a look of watercolor painting or oil painting depending upon the extent of water used. Acrylic paints are usually known for the unique properties they contain. Another notable point is that although they can be diluted with water, they are water-resistant when dry. Everything depends on the thickness of paint and the surface used.

Substitute Of Water Color

The main reason for using acrylics as water-color substitutes is that watercolors are water-based and do not end up giving the desired thickness. On the other hand, acrylics are pigment in a plastic water base due to which they give a solid look once they dry out.

Cons Of Using Acrylic Paint

Dries Much Faster

Yes, some artists consider it a disadvantage. The reason behind it is that they are water-resistant and cannot be removed with water once they dry out. Brushes used for painting have to be cleaned quickly in order to use them again.

Delamination Of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are known to peel off any smooth surface like glass. Moreover, it softens with heat and becomes sticky. It becomes rigid when cold.

Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It
Acrylic Paint: Pros And Cons Of Using It

Saving The Color Is Not Possible

Unlike water-colors, acrylic paint cannot be saved in the palette for reuse. If they dry out, the palettes will become hard to clean. Therefore, washing it before the paint dries out is necessary.

These were some pros and cons of acrylic paint you must know about. They will help you decide whether or not choosing them is right. Moreover, acrylic has more pros then cons which is why using them might not be a choice you regret. 

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